Santa Cruz!

Last August, we asked Ducky if she would rather have a birthday party, or a family trip to the ocean for her birthday in September. She chose ocean (a girl after my own heart)
Cue surprise pregnancy, pneumonia, bronchitis, lack of funds, rough school year, Dayly’s birth and newborn stage, busy summer, and here we are back to Ducky’s birthday…and another shot at her beach birthday trip!
We have always gone to cold beaches as a family, so David and I decided to give a warm beach a try!
David took off a couple extra days from work and we planned a long weekend in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area.
The girls love leaving for trips when it’s still dark out. Fun for them…extra work for David and I. Worth it though because we know how much they love it.
So we hit the road at dawn on Friday…ready to finally go on the trip we’d been planning for a year. Continue reading Santa Cruz!