Dear Women,

Well once again it’s been too long.. Since my last blog David and I started a new business and began our family’s fifth year of homeschooling. It has been a beautifully busy few months of learning and loving.
What inspired me enough to sit down and type up this blog today, is something I’ve been noticing a lot recently. And I wanted to verbally dissect it right here and now before my bi-annual Roses and Rust coffee/happy-buzz wears off.

Why is it so hard for women to take credit for the amazing things they do?
When women create something beautiful from that place of inspiration and talent inside them, why is it that they don’t feel allowed to shout it from the rooftops? Women can promote others all day long…singing the praises of peers who have followed their hearts and made masterpieces out of their visions. So why is it different when it comes to promoting one’s self as a woman?
Sometimes it feels to me like we’re afraid to leave the herd. That we feel there is safety in numbers, even if it means silencing our uniqueness. The lie that we’re told when we leave the safety of the herd, is that we will be more susceptible to attack….from the herd.
I want to speak truth at that lie.
The herd needs leaders.
Women need to see other women surviving and thriving on the outside. And sometimes it takes some promoting for others to see that you have escaped the herd.
That’s what we call hope.
After branching out, we still need each other though, and that’s called community. Asking for input, requesting intercession, receiving praise; having community can make a good idea into a great one.
I also feel like we need to stop being afraid of the word “pride”. Pride gets a bad rap because its too often an emotion someone has reached on their own. Involve many in the process and then you’ll speak on behalf of many when you express pride in your success.
So my dear women…be bold.
Follow your hearts, and share your successes with pride.

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