No more goodbyes.

Alright. Wouldn’t we all agree that I’ve had a long enough break from writing? Goodness knows I spend my days dreaming about subjects for blogs, and even subjects for books…so how about I stop dreaming and start typing to the benefit of us all.
And boy do I have a reason to blog today.

Almost ten years ago exactly, my beloved sister moved eight hours north with her husband and precious toddler. This work related move was the first separation our family had experienced, and although it broke my heart, I remember admiring my sister for doing something so out of the box for our family. Soon after her move, our parents also packed up and headed north. Settling down ten hours from home in Washington.
Close-knit was an understatement for my sister and I. We were attached at the hip. Home-schooled in the country and close in age created the perfect environment for us to be together all the time. We weren’t aware of how blessed we were. Seeped in the security and covering of our family, we didn’t have the chance to honor the blessing. We unknowingly took for granted the wealth and abundance that comes along with family. Quality time and tradition was devalued by its accessibility. We were clearly never meant to live apart, with none of us being big travelers. Add to that the blessing of five babies since her departure, and you can assume that we didn’t see each other often. Our babies have now grown into beautiful young women and one handsome little gentleman who adore each other and want nothing more than to be attached at the hip. Secret handshakes, friendship bracelets, and cuddling occupy much of their time while together. I believe it was their affection for each other that gave us grown-ups the courage to hope that we could be together again someday. With her return, I find myself thinking about all the things I will hopefully never take for granted again.. I am thankful that I will have a reason to clean my house regularly. My family could drop in at any time! I’m thankful that when my nieces and eventually my nephew perform in front of a crowd, that I will be in the front row, cheering and beaming with pride. I’m thankful that I will have the opportunity to run into my sister unexpectedly at the market. I’m thankful for all the traditions we will be able to introduce our children to that we were raised with. I’m thankful for the value that has been given to me for my family. God truly uses every situation for good. We may have lost a decade together, but we gained an honor for each other that will be passed down for generations to come.
So here’s to lots of hellos an no more goodbyes!
Welcome Home Chell!!!

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