Sometimes, the biggest hurdle in getting a blog out and on “paper”, is my fear that I won’t be able to articulate all that is inside me on the subject.
This is one of those blogs.

It’s my dear friend Jenn’s birthday. And I’m thinking about just how much she blesses me.
“Blesses” seems like such a mild word for what Jenn does..
She flips my thinking upside-down, sends it through the laundry, then hands it back to me clean, inspired, and sprinkled with gold dust…and probably folded perfectly too.
Jenn is one of those people that I have been friends with forever, so on one hand I see her as a teenager, a beautiful bride, a young mother, and a budding artist. Then on the other hand, I see Jenn today. Strong, successful, inspiring, literally out there changing the world with her dynamic combination of personality grounded in faith.
Jenn is one of my strongest role models.
Even though our lives could practically not be any more different, we still have the important things in common: we are women, and we love God.
Jenn has created a standard in her life that doesn’t sway when it comes into contact with earth. If kingdom mindsets could be measured in pounds, hers would break the scale. Jenn doesn’t wait for a theory on God’s goodness to be ok’d by men…if she can dream it, she knows He will do it. Jenn constantly reminds me, and not always with words, to expect nothing less than excellence. This standard covers both receiving and giving. If its not excellent, don’t accept it. Either way you will get the short end of the stick.
I appreciate Jenn’s passion so much. As if her arms outstretched and head thrown back weren’t powerful enough, she adds to it her words, and watches while principalities appear and kingdoms are born.
To both men and women Jenn is a reminder that leadership is given based on the ability to steward it. And steward it she does. Whether it is her home, her position in the church, or her role in a ministry that effects millions, she facilitates a contagious atmosphere of excellence.
I feel as if I have barely touched on the greatness of my dear friend in this blog. Like I said, the hardest thing about some blogs is describing an immense respect and appreciation with words. Yet, Jenn seems to do that in every one of her songs..
…and my education from her continues..

Happy Birthday Jenn!

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