Ten years ago, if you had asked me whether I would homeschool my children, you may have received your answer in the form of a sound.
That’s because I believed homeschool to be on the same level as child abuse.

Some time over the past decade I changed my mind.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I don’t think that you should homeschool.
But for now, I know that I should.

My amazingly perfect husband wasn’t homeschooled a day in his life, and he’s amazingly perfect.

As with anything that takes a ton of work and sacrifice, it’s important for me to know why I homeschool..
Right now, in this season, I am having to remind myself often of those reasons. The past few years I have tried to fit my substantial desire for independent learning into a cookie cutter shaped position provided to me by an independent learning program.
Now for those of you asking yourselves if this is my farewell to charter schools…it’s not.
I’m finding myself, however, being drawn back to my roots. My mom homeschooled independently during a time that didn’t embrace homeschooling. She ordered her curriculum from conventions, due to there being no websites yet for her to pop onto in order to peruse the pages of possible workbooks. She remembers being threatened by local principals.Telling her she would be visited by law enforcement if she attempted to school her children from home.
She stuck to the “three R’s”…along with a whole bunch of “B” (Bible). Between her 24/7 Home Ec. class and my dad’s rigorous Agriculture/Horticulture class, we were set for [real] life.
When I think back over my education, it lacks Science camp, oral reports, and homework. But it has loads of a different kind of learning..
I learned about family.
I learned how to get along with and honor the people I wanted to get away from the most.
I learned how to learn, then turn around and teach what I learned.
I learned that sometimes, when there are too many balls in the air, it’s ok to let one or two drop to protect the ones that are really important.
I learned that there’s more to learn outside of books than inside.

So here I am…looking back fondly and forward expectantly…and hoping my girls feel as blessed by their education someday as I do.

2 thoughts on “Home.”

  1. You know what they need hon, follow your heart! It is work- and so rewarding. A true blessing for you is between you and David you can cover all subjects.

  2. Yay for you!
    It looks like you learned the important things in life.
    So glad to see you passing them to your children. :)

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