David and I made a fairly huge decision this weekend.
We have been renting a comfortable house on a beautiful lake for the past three years. It’s not my white farmhouse on 2-5 acres with a barn and chicken coop, but it’s comfortable.
David has been working as the web master of Shasta County for around 8 months. Its not his own business with hardwood floors, big windows, and rustic, manly decor like he wants, but it’s a job.
When David and I go to that place in our minds where people go when they dream about their futures, we are faced with a reality that stifles our dreams.
We have allowed debt to destroy our credit, and put our dreams on hold. Debt has become the reason David gets up every morning and the reason he stays up working late into the night. Because of debt we have never painted a wall, never mowed our own lawn, never put down roots.
I told a dear friend this weekend, “it feels like we have been burning premium octane gas in an expensive leased car..”
We have been living a disposable life.
So back to the decision we made..
We decided to take our lives back.
Today when David goes into work, he will be putting in his two week notice so he can work solely from home. (gulp.) Giving him more time with us, and more time for his freelance work, which pays more than double what his other job pays.
Followed by a 30 day notice to our landlord
(double gulp.)
We will then move into an RV on a little land for the next year or so while we pay off debt, save, and repair our credit.
Its going to take some sacrifices to get us out of this lifestyle. But our hope is that on the other side of this, we will finally be living.

I will probably end up blogging the whole experience. I apologize now for any positively UNpleasant blogs about laundromats, homeschooling in an RV, and 4 kids with cabin fever when it rains..

Your prayers and encouragement are priceless to us right now.
We are so thankful for the community we live in during seasons like this.
It may be hard, but we are not alone :)

2 thoughts on “Changes.”

  1. Aaaaahhhhh I’m so excited for you guys!!!!!! It is the year for abundance and for taking back your dreams!!!! Huge favor and blessings to you guys!!

  2. That is AWESOME. We (just this month) are on the other side of that hard long sacrificial mission to be debt free (except our house.) It is very worth it and an incredible journey. Sounds like you are taking the fast extreme track. I look up to you. you have guts! :)

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