A divine pep talk

I’m laying here in bed cuddling Dayly. It’s the middle of the day when I should be doing a thousand other things, but they can wait a bit…
I want to tell you about a conversation the girls and I had this morning that is still sending ripples through my spirit..
We were discussing the verse that says the battle is not flesh and blood, but powers and principalities of darkness. You know…light and fluffy stuff (I love my girls). The conversation went in the direction of the enemy actually winning sometimes, and here’s where it got interesting. God put the answer into context using Dayly. He said the only victory the enemy can claim in her life was a teeny tiny hole in her diaphragm over two years ago. That’s it. A tiny hole. The rest of her body formed perfectly. Her spirit, her giftings, her destiny – all perfectly intact. He continued and said that every moment after that tiny hole have been victories for Him. When He told me to deliver her in a hospital. When she coded and He sent the nurse in to save her. When the nurses gathered praying for her with tears in their eyes because she had impacted them in her first 12 hours of life. When word spread through Redding like wildfire and the churches joined together to lift up this little miracle with a perfect name. When we arrived at UC Davis and walked through two huge lion doors that looked straight into our soul and said “I am here.” When I sat for seventeen days surrounded by the sickest newborns in Northern California and interceded for them, calling out their destinies and speaking life into their tiny bodies. When I ministered and prayed over the hospital chaplain, teaching her about inner healing and forgiveness. When she returned to me the following day with tears in her eyes and said her nephew had been supernaturally healed over the phone when she had prayed over him with the tools we had talked about. When David’s and my marriage was divinely changed. When Dayly broke the record for the fastest CDH recovery in recent UC Davis history. When God spoke to me and told me to be bold and He would give me favor…and He did.
Now this might seem like just a load of nostalgia.. but let me describe this past week for you. We have been to four doctor’s appointments in the past five days for Dayly. We have scheduled an operation. We have watched while she has been poked and examined and aligned. We have been told that she is just “different” because of the trauma she endured at birth.
This morning God put the past week into perspective when He told me that the ONLY victory the enemy was able to claim in Dayly’s life is one teeny tiny hole…that is now healed.
He then heaped what felt like a load of proud daddy love on me when He reminded me of all the ways He and David and I co-labored and won battle after battle for Dayly. Speaking redemption over things that had been taken, and making every moment a victory.
This past week was intense, but after a pep talk like that, I’m back at the battlefield, armed in truth, and taking back what was stolen in the form of a teeny tiny hole.

4 thoughts on “A divine pep talk”

  1. Yes and amen! You remind me of your dad who regularly recounts the many ways God leads, delivers and makes a way.
    Carli you are a mighty woman of God and I am blessed. Keep telling the TRUTH!

  2. Carli, thanks for the reminder of what a wonderful God we serve. He has certainly proved that over and over in the life of our little Dayly. I am honored to be the nana to these 4 precious princesses.

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