Well hello there. It’s been awhile…

I recently got the feeling that some of you were wanting me to write a new blog (Jenney and Mom) so here you go :)

As most of you know, I’ve added juice to my diet for the past few months. It has been a wild and wonderful trip.
Let me take you back to the beginning and tell you how it all came about.
I love sugar. Sugar hates me.
A few months after delivering Dayly I decided to cut sugar out of my diet. It worked great for weight loss for awhile, but it wasn’t an offensive-enough approach to health for me. Meaning, cutting out one thing wasn’t the transformation I was craving. So I fell off the wagon. It was comparable to wanting to become a Christian and only cutting cussing out of your lifestyle and nothing else. Sugar was a symptom of a much bigger problem for me, and not eating it only scratched the surface of what my body was needing. Six months after falling off the sugar-free wagon, a few important things happened that aligned me for a much larger lifestyle change. First: David started attending the Bethel Men’s Group on Monday nights. What does that have to do with my health, you ask? A lot. There’s no way I could explain it all in this blog, but to sum it up: David is crazy about me. It’s hard not to love and take care of yourself when you’re being overwhelmed with pure, God-inspired affection. David and I are both so thankful for this group. Its everything we needed. Seriously ladies, you’ll only have to encourage your husbands to go to this group once…after that they will be running out the door each Monday and coming home a different person.
The other experience that set me up for such a lifestyle change, was watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix. It sparked a longing that had been building in me. It was all I had been looking for in a weight loss system. It was a lifestyle change that offered more benefits than constraints. I was tired of dieting simply for weight purposes. I was tired of a day’s worth of work being graded by a dial on a scale. My life is much bigger than a three digit number. I need energy, I need immunity. I needed to add the Creator and His strategies to this mess that was my diet.
Juicing had it all.
So off I went. Scared out of my mind.
I was afraid to fail. I was afraid of the investment, both financial and emotional. And to be completely honest, I was afraid of the results. I have been overweight since the first year of our marriage. I wondered what it looks like when you’re skinny and married? It’s a crazy concept to someone who has never had a weight problem, but the weight becomes your identity. And when it’s gone, you wonder what the new identity will look like. Will my husband and I still be compatible? How much will I change? All these questions came at me like arrows trying to destroy any momentum I had mustered. This is when I was so happy to have chosen the method that included my Creator. He gently started speaking to those fears in me. As I honored Him and the foods that He had created to keep me healthy, He poured back into me. As His fruits and vegetables heal my body, He is healing my opinion of myself. Thirty years of hearing how I should love others the way God loves them, and just now I’m learning how to love myself the same.
I was telling some friends recently that I’ve noticed a significant chunk of my love-pie-chart missing each day since I started juicing. That chunk is finally going back to me. I have never taken a chunk of my love out for myself. When I was a slave to my scale, the chunk of love was going to that three digit number. Not to me. Not to my heart, not to my emotions. It went to a smaller jean size. When I take that chunk of love for myself, it takes away from what I have to give.
Cue Men’s Group!
I am FINALLY needing and leaning on David. He has been waiting with a “put me in coach!” type longing for me to sub him in to this marriage. He goes every Monday night and beats his chest and howls at the moon and comes home ready to be my man.

Hallelujah Amen!

On a more detailed note…
My new lifestyle looks like this:
I wake up, happy.
I put 1/4 teaspoon olive oil in my mouth and start swishing. This is called oil pulling and you can google it. It’s disgustingly amazing.
After oil pulling I drink two cups of warm lemon water. Shudder. Gag. And walk away with tears in my eyes.
An hour or so later I juice a combination of romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, apples, carrots and lemon.
Almost every morning I add Chia seeds to this concoction to make it look even more like swamp water.
I sip my delicious swamp water all morning and sometimes munch on a few raw almonds too.
For the rest of the day I eat protein and produce while drinking as much lemon water as I can.
Thanks to my dear friend Laura Richards, I am also learning about my thyroid and what it needs to get healthy. Garlic and Spirulina are my friends now, as well as Olive Leaf Extract when I feel a bug coming on.
The energy from all of this is intense.
Combine straight caffeine with that first time you fell in love and you’ve summed up how I feel all day everyday.

Anyways, there you have it.
Thanks to all who are supporting me on this wild ride! Your encouragement is priceless.

10 thoughts on “Juicing”

  1. And there you have it! Need I say anything about why I love you? You my dear are the real deal. You put my feelings to words, I know I am not alone. Thank you!

  2. So great! I love that you are doing this! More than the weight/inches/even health I am so happy to read you are learning how to truly love yourself like God loves you. That will be a valuable (priceless even) tool to have while raising your 4 beauties. One I too have been working on since having little girls myself.

    On another note: so you can oil pull while breastfeeding? Because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to but then space on it between breastfeeding/pregnant when I actually thought I can. I’ve been trying to convince Daniel to and he just laughs and teases me. haha. If so… I’m doing it tomorrow, lol.

  3. Researching your nursing/oil pulling question Nichole…I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere online. I wonder though if that’s why Dayly randomly threw up last night? :(

  4. -oops-
    Thank you so much Nichole for bringing up the question! It’s crazy how powerful swishing oil around in your mouth can be..

  5. Carli I am so proud of you. And I love that this blog is a confirmation to what I felt several weeks ago when you first posted about the juicing on facebook. You are being transformed – not just on the outside but on the inside! How beautiful! And that is the second rave review i’ve heard about that Monday men’s group at Bethel. It sounds amazing! And lastly, I have never ever heard of oil pulling…I will definitely have to google it but it sounds like I won’t be able to partake either as I too am nursing. Hugs!

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