Transition and Tractors

I took a month off from blogging. So I’ll quickly catch you up on August…

We were sick basically the entire month.

And now that everyone is caught up on August, let’s talk about September.
The month of September to me feels similar to being stuck behind a tractor on a one lane road.
The one thing I want right now is Fall. But no matter how close I drive to this tractor that is Summer; no matter how bad I want to pass this road block, wear a sweater and warm my hands on a hot beverage, this heat will be around for at least another 30 days.
It feels a lot like the season David and I are in as well.
It’s not completely comfy right now. And yet, it’s far from miserable. The scenery we’re passing as we creep along is breathtaking.
Watching our oldest become a young lady.
Watching our youngest become a little girl.
Watching our seven year old pick up the violin for the first time, and watching our five year old follow her dreams to dance ballet.
All this while falling deeper in love with each other than ever before.
When I stop and look at these things I find myself thankful for the tractor. Thankful for being forced to slow down and soak up this season right where it’s at.
I am also thankful for my dreams.
The ones that keep me up way too late looking at saddles and chicken coops for sale on craigslist.
These dreams bring excitement for a new season, without them I would likely cling hopelessly to the old one.
Sometimes I find myself listening to my emotions during this season. They are telling me to hurry. To force things. To try to pass this tractor.
The truth is that the next season won’t be what it’s intended to be without this one.
And so, until I find myself scattering chickens and ducking to miss my clothes line as I putter around on a real tractor, I’ll be thanking God for this figurative one that is helping me enjoy my beautiful life.

5 thoughts on “Transition and Tractors”

  1. Life’s poetry…

    A true woman of wisdom to take in the sensory along the journey. You may never pass by this place again.

    Thanks for sharing, I love it. Glad your blogging again.

  2. Favorite line: The truth is that the next season won’t be what it’s intended to be without this one.

    I remind myself of that sort of thing often.

    Loved this! Great blog.

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