This morning we visited the beautiful Duivenvoorden Farms in Cottonwood and signed up for a year’s worth of straight from the cow raw milk.
I took along my camera because…well…we were driving to the country, and in my opinion country = beauty.
I’m so glad I did.
We started by visiting the baby cows.

And precious goats..

A quick photo shoot by the fence…

Photo shoot continued..

Farmer Mark was amazing. He took us on a mini tour of the farm, explained every detail to the girls, and even invited us to join him at dawn someday to watch him milk.

As we were getting ready to leave, Farmer Mark made the girls’ day when he offered to let them help him with one of his chores…




noun. 1. The mouth of a baby cow.

It was a beautiful morning.
Can’t wait to go back next week for more.

For anyone interested in purchasing milk from Farmer Mark, his phone number is 227-5565 and he is about the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet :)

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