Summer lovin’


As I sit here beside my overgrown bucket garden, I decided to post a quick blog.

My “Middles” (Kallai and Bella) are at the last day of Bethel’s VBS. Dayly is napping. And Ducky and two of her friend’s are across the lake giggling, squealing, and throwing who-knows-what from the lake into an ice chest full of water.

I’m supposed to be cleaning the house, but my motivation decided to spend it’s morning elsewhere.

It has been a busy summer for us…camp, a family reunion, my mom in town for a week, and now on to VBS season.

David is loving his new job. He actually told me that it’s basically his “dream job”. What a blessing!

As many of you may have seen, I got my first tattoo last weekend. It’s a hen. And I love it. I dream of the day when I will have the pleasure of collecting eggs and feeding chickens on our farm. It’s amazing to me the exercise it requires to hold on to one’s dream. I have longed for the farm life for half of David’s and my marriage now, and there’s no telling how much longer I will ache for my farmhouse and pastures. The beautiful thing to me is that my life will be wonderful until then. I am indeed well taken care of.

The girls are almost back to this side of the lake now, and they’re hollering something about their new “pet” ?! I guess creepy crawling lake creatures are almost as good as free ranging chickens…

Much love dear friends!

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