He’s good.

I noticed a theme for this past week.

God is good.

Actually, it’s my motto for every week, but I found myself trying to convince several different people of this truth last week.

Here’s the scenario: you’re getting pelted from all sides by this world. And just when you think you can’t take any more, you get nailed head on by another blow.
The lie: “God knows how much I can handle…so He must just be testing me with all this..”

The truth:

God is good.

He’s not good in that twisted way of thinking, where He loads us up with trials and heartache to test our strength.
He’s good in the co-laboring, desires to see us blessed, future and a hope way.
He is God. He doesn’t have to stoop to breaking us in order to see us grow.
His love is pure, and when it is added to a problem, you get all the education you need.
Maneuvering our way through this life successfully is not about learning how to battle problems. It’s about learning how to wield the power that is God’s love.
It is God’s desire that we walk in favor, grace and blessing. When we are on the receiving end of anything less than that you can be sure He has nothing to do with it.
Picture Him sitting in the corner of a boxing ring. You are in the middle getting roundhouse kicked. His desire is to stand between you and your opponent. The only thing He needs to be subbed in is for you to acknowledge what side of the ring He’s on.

Know your Father.
And if you’re going to fight for anything, fight for more of an understanding of His goodness.

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