We had an absolutely beautiful week!

Its amazing what a little sunshine can do..

We have picnicked, we have planted, we have frolicked in the outdoors…taking deep breaths and soaking up ┬áthe season.

Seasons are so cool. God knew just when to bring the next one around, right when we needed it.

This past week my parents visited from Washington and bought us all the stuff we needed to plant a garden! And then they planted it with the girls while I took pictures! *bliss*

They planted both plants…

And seeds…

It was so fun watching them plant…even Guinness helped.

The girls loved it.

When it comes to nine year olds…she’s my favorite.

Yesterday Kallai played her second soccer game of the season…and lost. She was devastated. But a pep talk from Daddy made her feel a bit better.


After the game we headed to the shooting range for some fun with Uncle Jon..

Are you noticing a theme here? People doing awesome things with the girls, and me taking pictures of them. One of my favorite hobbies :)

Happy Spring!

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