One year ago.

I have been waiting all year for today…and it was surprisingly tear free.

So far in my life I’ve peeled off another layer of healing on the year mark of every big event…I assumed Dayly’s birth would be the same. There’s just something about an anniversary that brings my senses and feelings back to almost full magnitude. And the healing that that brings is delicious.

Here’s what I did experience today:

I was given a glimpse into what that night was like from another standpoint.

The nurse’s who saved Dayly’s life.

Hilary and I actually go way back. Which, in my opinion makes all of this more fun. I first met her husband John (a Ford fan) back when I was 17 and a die-hard Chevy fan. We always had plenty to banter about, him owning a classic Mustang, and me having helped my dad rebuild a classic Camaro. Our loyalty was fierce, and our friendship fun. Never could I have imagined the role he would play in my life someday. I first met Hilary when she and John moved in across the street from my sister. Such a fun coincidence! Except that my sister and her husband were also Mustang fans. I was outnumbered in their neighborhood, so I rarely brought up the Ford vs. Chevy debate this time around. A few months after meeting Hilary, I was blessed to have her as my nurse after delivering Ducky at Mercy Hospital. She was great. So kick back and confident. She was exactly what I needed as a nervous, first time mommy. Soon after Ducky’s birth, my sister moved out of state and I lost contact with John and Hilary. So you can imagine my surprise, 9 years later and at a different hospital, when Hilary walked in to my room and said she would be Dayly’s and my nurse for the evening! It was like running into an old friend when you’re far away from home. I loved  that Hilary was there to take care of us.

Most of you know my side of Dayly’s birth story. And if you don’t, you should read my blog about it. Today, however, I got a glimpse into Hilary’s part in Dayly’s birth.

This afternoon Dayly received a two page letter from Hilary in the mail describing the affect Dayly’s life has had on her as a person, a Christian, and an OB Nurse. In her letter Hilary said,”I will always remember you…and thank God for witnessing His awesome power through you…for God has a plan for you..”

*tears* ..ah…there they are.

We drove down to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital this evening to surprise Hilary and thank her again for what she did a year ago tonight. It was surreal being in that place again. Those halls that we followed Dayly’s transport gurney through. The windows of the nursery that, the last time we looked through them, had held our very sick baby. The front desk, where my voice cracked when I asked to see my baby, explaining, “…she’s the sick one..”

All of that was my experience. Not until tonight had I put myself in Hilary’s shoes. She stopped by our room that night for a routine vitals check…never expecting to leave that room pushing a 12 hour old CDH patient breathing what could have been her last breath.

In her letter, Hilary said, “there is not a single day that I walk into the OB at St. Elizabeth’s hospital that I don’t think of you.”

What more could a mother ask for than for her child to be a walking example of God’s power and goodness.

Thank you Hilary.

God is Good.

5 thoughts on “One year ago.”

  1. Wow such an amazing reminder of the plan God had set in motion for all of us. He is such a good Father and takes care of every detail. I cannot wait to see this little girl grow up and watch the amazing testimony of her life unfold!

  2. Adding a boulder to the monument. Testimony of the goodness of God and the joy it is to watch His perfect plans unfold in our lives. Jer. 29:11

  3. Huhhhh…. *tears* That picture of Dayly shakes me. My mommy/auntie heart just dies at the thought of you going through those days. In that moment I wish you could’ve seen a year later and witnessing her everlasting smile and hear her magical voice.
    I love her more than life!!!

  4. Dayly is definitely a daily reminder and testimony of God’s awesome love, mercy and goodness to us all. It will be a blessing to watch this little one live out what God would say to us thru her…..
    Happy Birthday Little Miss Dayly Ray!!

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