Get comfy, it’s a long one

So much has happened since my last blog…where do I even begin? I’ve changed roughly 100 diapers, chopped my hair, celebrated my 7 year old’s birth, even WON AN AWARD since we last talked…we have so much catching up to do! So lets begin…
In the last two weeks we caught all the trendy bugs going around…flu, cold, Roseola…the girls were troopers. They did the flu part. Dayly added Roseola to her flu. And I am handling the cold portion of our winter wonderland of germs.

Here’s my beef with having a cold: not being able to smell seriously hinders my performance as a mother. Diapers, dairy products, hygiene…they all require a competent sniffer. Of which I have spent my week without. I find it ironic that this is the week I decided to try out an all natural, homemade deodorant. While singing its praises to a friend the thought broadsided me…
There’s a possibility that this deodorant isn’t working AT ALL and I would be none the wiser. I may have been waltzing all over town making large arm gestures with a completely false sense of security in this product.
Which brings me to this blog’s life lesson:
When plugged is your nose, keep elbows and ribs close. Save hugs and high fives for a more sure scented time.

You’re welcome.

I bet you didn’t know I was so poetic. Well…neither did I.

Anyways, enough about my possible/probable odor. Because even in my congested state I WON AN AWARD this week!
My dear, long time friend Alicia, author of the amazing blog Pedals & Pencils, passed on the coveted

to ME!

Apparently pajama pants, hoodies, and a wad of toilet paper shoved up each nostril counts as style in the blogging world. No wonder I feel so at home here..

Here’s what I get to do as the recipient of such an honor:

I get to tell all of you a few fun things about myself! Beginning with:

1. When I was 7, I was fascinated by kids with broken bones…and CASTS. Oh what an exciting word for a 7 year old…CAST. So one evening, I was riding 80’s style in my dad’s camper shell, and I decided to ask God for a cast of my own. I remember whispering, “You say you’ll answer our prayers, God…so I want a cast” It wasn’t 6 months later and my friend and I were riding double on her horse. She started to fall and pulled me off with her. That day God gave me TWO casts. And with that my mind was made up. God answers prayers :)

2. When I sleep at night I have to put the arch of one foot on the knee cap of my other leg. For those of you Reading Rainbow fans, this sleep position greatly resembles Ki-Pat who stood out on Kapiti Plain and shot his arrow at the clouds, all full of rain. Try it! Its comfy! :)

Ok, and last but not least…

3. As it gets later in the evening, I’m finding that I can only think of bedtime things to tell you about. So in keeping with the theme… Every dream I’ve EVER had has been in water. In the dream we may be going about our day as usual, shopping at the mall or watching kids play at the park. But the “ground” is always deep water instead of earth. And instead of walking, we casually swim along…sometimes doing the backstroke, sometimes doggy paddling. As if its perfectly normal. I barely even notice the water anymore. But its always there. And oddly enough, no one ever drowns :)

Ok…so there you have it. You now know me a bit better than you did a few minutes ago :)

Now I have the pleasure of crowning the next Stylish Blogger Winners!

Here they are!

The lovely and talented Amy Culp. Author of the popular Increasingly Domestic blog. Read it and fall in love with her creativity and quirkiness. You’ll be glad you did.

The hilarious and witty Liz Flaherty. Liz practically just started her blog One Transparent Cat but already it is amazing. Get ready to laugh. Or in my case – snort. Either way it will make your day better.

Until next time readers!

Love you all!

8 thoughts on “Get comfy, it’s a long one”

  1. Literally as I wrote the part about all my dreams being in water, the tsunami was hitting Japan.
    Praying for Japan this morning, and speaking peace over the water as the wave moves across the globe.

  2. Seriously? ALL your dreams in water? I am amazed. I used to pray I would break my bones too. I always REALLY wanted a broken leg but never got it… I did however get 6 broken fingers, a fractured elbow, wrist, and worst break was my hand w/plate & screws…. not all at once…. I also prayed for mono…. Hopefully God knows these prayers are all void now…. seriously God I’m cool. :)

  3. Loved it! You have always had a “thing” for water. All your dolphin, whale, mermaid stories and “productions” usually in the garden when you were weeding (entertaining) us. I remember you begging to swim when it was winter- AND YOU DID! I remember telling myself, people get sick from germs not cold water, she’ll be fine. Babe! you are SO fine!!!

  4. You are so funny Carli, I never prayed to want a cast probably because at the age of 14 I had so many casts! At the age of 2o something I had over 100 casts on my legs. They were those heavy plaster, plain, white, casts not like the pretty ones we get today! I even had red & white candy cane striped ones for Christmas.Forty years later I have probably have had over 200 casts! Enuf of me, I am so blessed with your blog and sense of humor about your wonderful family! How time flies I can’t believe it’s been a year since that beautiful baby girl was born- Dayly. God continue to bless Carli with her writing and taking care of her wonderful family! Iam glad I know you sweet girlfriend! Blessings!Dana

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