Call me Crafty McGhee

Maybe its because I haven’t left the house for weeks and I’m tired of looking at the same old stuff around here, but recently I’ve had a bad case of the crafting bug.
Here are few of my latest creations

In honor of this little cutie’s birthday…

…we got her a roll of toilet paper.

I kid.

I made her a little birthday shirt! Here’s a progression of pictures to show you how I made it..

I found the shirt for A DOLLAR at Wal-Mart. Am I the only one that loves things even more when they’re on sale?

I also used this cute fabric, some iron-on fabric adhesive stuff..? Pink thread, hot tea (Mmmm) and brand new scissors (Hallelujah Chorus).

I ironed the fabric to the adhesive stuff, then traced and cut out the letters and number..

Its right about this point that I fell in love with the shirt and it made me do a little squeal.

Next I ironed it all together…

I probably should have kept right on going and ironed out all the wrinkles, but I was too busy squealing.

I then stitched around the letters and numbers with pink thread. This felt like it took years…but in reality it only took me four hours. If I didn’t have to change diapers, fix snacks, and kiss my almost-one-year-old, I probably could have cranked it out in much less time. Here’s what it looked like almost halfway done..

And finally the finished product!

Its almost as cute as the little peanut that will be wearing it in 2 weeks.

Then this morning, the idea hit me to use up the rest of the green fabric from the shirt and reupholster our step stool chair!

I wasn’t so good about capturing every step of this process, but I assure you, it was SIMPLE! If you ever come across one of these chairs, buy it! You could almost change the upholstery with every season.. It was THAT simple!

Did I mention this was easy? I literally reupholstered this chair in the time it took for Dayly to get bored with Baby Einstein and army crawl her way into the kitchen to see what I was up too.

Here she comes….

…and DONE!

Ducky also caught the bug.
To be more accurate, Ducky spends most of her life under the influence of the crafting bug. She’s always sewing, painting, or hot gluing something.

Yesterday she learned how to knit and started her first hat!

And here she is modeling it today..

Beautiful. Creative. Lovely.

…and the hat’s pretty cool too :)

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